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Rear cover fastener repair
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:16:25 AM »
Did you ever have a Docutech, 61xx, etc large rear plastic cover on the printer with elongated / oversize holes that the fastener heads would not stay in? There is a kit to repair them. Part # is 655N00431, and it contains two new fasteners, fastener split nylon retainer clips, aluminum stepped washers to fill the large hole, and the flat rubber washers. I have seen many of the large rear covers thrown away because of the enlarged holes. When the heavy ELCI box was mounted to the bottom of a cover, a strain was put on the original fasteners, and resulted in damage to the holes. Be sure the small part of the aluminum washer fits completely into the damaged hole. You may have to lightly file the hole out for the washer to fit flat. The aluminum stepped washers have adhesive applied to the larger surface that contacts the rear of the panel. Clean the area around the hole on the rear side with alcohol, remove the paper cover over the adhesive and press the washer onto the outside surface of the panel, install the fastener, rubber washer and retaining clip, and you have saved a panel.
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